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    Fernhill's Amelie dam of Cailean

    Fernhill's Amelie dam of Cailean

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    Cailean Adair

    Fernhill's Cailean Adair 10 weeks

4 Responses to “Site Index”

  1. July 2008 to September 2009 « Fern Hill Scottish Deerhounds Says:

    […] Amelie in the capable hands of our great friend Barb Yaroski (of Fernhill’s Cailean Adair fame [] joined by doting grandparent Sharon Whitcomb. Knowing everything was well looked after, we enjoyed […]

  2. Annette Joel Says:

    Is that Susan Trow with Pixie at the Specialty Mid West show with the Purpleish jacket and black skirt?
    I would so much have loved to be there….. to see all those wonderful Deerhounds and to hear the comments from all the knowledgeable breeders.
    When I go to shows in NZ I have the only Deerhound so end up just competing with other breeds.
    Like Cailean, Twiggy at 15 mths is so full of enthusiasim for all, no matter how much exercise she gets, that we are not particularly welcomed by many.
    Why did you not enter Cailean in the show?
    Did Pixie get placed?
    I know that Barb did very well with her two.
    My Twiggy is a litter mate to Susan’s Rockwood. Hopefully he will come together soon. Twiggy was the smallest and most fine of the litter and being a bitch, may not take as long to mature physicaly, I do not know about mentally.
    After being ever so good at show training last week, and when practicing during the week, last night she went absolutly nuts!!!! Did not settle down untill the end, although we had been for a big run in the hills before going to town. I did give her another short run with a Saluki dog friend of hers before going to training and am wondering if this may have stirred her up too much or perhaps she may be comming into season. There are no physical signs of this and I would have thought that the Saluki dog would have picked up on this if it was the case? May be last week was too much as we were left holding a stacked position for the whole time that we where not actually moveing round the ring?
    Apart from a 6 mth old timid Ridge Back bitch there were no other hounds and no hound people. The person who was taking the class this time didnt even know what breed Twiggy was.
    With one more training session before a show and having this major setback, I am wondering if I am doing the wrong things or having unrealistic expectations of Twiggy and myself.
    Some one sugested that because Twiggy was so fit and was getting lots of exercise that this could be making her more difficult.
    What do you think?

    • mysdeerie Says:

      Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate getting feedback on my blog; I occasionally wonder if my readers are interested in or learning from what I write. I need just the sort of feedback you have given me to feel re-energized and anxious to write again.
      I hope you might have a chance someday to make the trip for the National Specialty Show. That is magic! The atmosphere is electric with the excitement and anticipation of all those participating. We are going to the National Specialty in Vermont this year at Basin Harbor Club, what a fabulous venue with cottages and a lodge by Lake Champlain. The National specialty feels like a family reunion, while it is important to keep your dog under control at all times, the feeling is more relaxed when there are no other breeds about except your own. Visitors from abroad are always welcome and usually have no trouble finding new friends.
      I wish you would send me a picture of Twiggy, Rockwood is such a handsome boy I am sure she is beautiful. Twiggy’s personality sounds much the same as Cailean. We learned early on to make sure Cailean is well exercised prior to visiting family or friends. I bought a soft crate and spent time making sure she thinks of it as a special place, I purchased the soft crate so that we could go visiting and would have a place where she could feel quiet and comfortable if we need her to be comfortable & yet out of the way. I have since she was little trained her to go to her bed when the doorbell rings, when she is waiting for her supper, or even if she is waiting for a cookie. We have also been able to get her to go to her crate bed without zipping it up. Usually a little time out will settle her down if she is overly excited when visiting.
      I did not enter Cailean for a couple of reasons, she is gorgeous no doubt but is lacking a bit of facial furnishings that seem to be much in favour at the moment, as well her coat is a little shorter than seen on some of the more popular dogs. I never intended to show Cailean when I bought her, I never tried practicing conformation stacking etc. partly because she was and is such a live wire! I may try showing some time in the future simply because I think she is so lovely and has an exceptional personality even amongst deerhounds. I do find myself drawn to these events although I never thought I would go, I am not very competitive.
      Cailean had an unfortunate experience with a vet when she was younger and tends to shy away from other people handling her, we are afraid she might not stand still for a judge; that would be a kiss of death for any thoughts what so ever of trying it again. If the judge bent over for kisses rather than running hands over her body she would get through it with flying colours.
      Pixie took 3rd place 3 times. What a fabulous little girl she is! Cailean immediately took a shine to her; they were inseparable for the entire journey.
      When Cailean went for training, it was sometimes other dogs that would get her wound up suddenly. Going into season affects their behaviour for quite some time. Cailean and many deerhounds become much more prey driven and fierce in their play. This behaviour started well before we knew she had gone into heat. Barb Heidenreich’s suggestion was to talk to the instructor; inform them of the short attention span of deerhounds and excuse us as soon as she would get restless.
      I think that unless you can put Twiggy in a dog run for hours at a time with a play mate you will probably find this is the new normal for her until she’s well past 2 years. I don’t think you could ever give a 15 month-old deerhound too much exercise. I used to take Cailean with me to work, she was good if I took her for a walk before hand; sometimes she wouldn’t be able to make it through the 4 or 5 hours I was in the office and we would have to take a play break outside; followed by a walk after.
      Does Twiggy like balls or sticks? Cailean needed a prop to play with and very quickly learned to love balls and sticks. One rather sneaky way to tire a dog that does like sticks is to stand at the top of a hill with a pile of them and toss them down one at a time. Cailean seems to love hill work (I think she loves powering her muscles up the hill) I have seen and read great reports on the doggy back pack which is supposed to be filled with some weights and is an enjoyable training device.
      Cailean’s breeder has often referred to her as being a dog on amphetamines, we go to her farm and Cailean will be put out to play with one dog after another until she has managed to finally tire the whole pack and herself out. Once she played so hard she slept almost an entire day afterwards without wanting to go out. I know that patience is the key in getting through the adolescent stages of a deerhounds development. Let me know how you get on and I do hope you will be able to enjoy showing if that is part of your plans. Cheers Barb

      • Annette Joel Says:

        Hi Barb,
        have just found your reply!!!
        thanks so much for taking the time to care – so much has happened since I wrote to you. I shall get back with details asap. Snow is comming tonight so better get out and do the wood thing and find some hares for Twiggy to chase – her season is just over- have had 12hrs at the vet with her on a drip and antibiotics….blood tests – blood in her urine – and she was in lots of pain (this was just after I wrote to u and before her season, I just did feel that there were a combination of things that were not right?- still don’t understand the cause –

        I so much enjoyed the picture of the crampt conditions at the specialty and did manage to find some results . We are ever so proud of Barb H. and Susan. Wow she has done very well with her new and existing hounds – Rockwood winning the coursing and some classes also while still being a teenager is most encouraging. Do you know where to look to find any results for the Invitational coursing in Kansas? Is that were you have been? What a lot of traveling!!!
        I would imagine that it would be difficult to keep hounds at their peak for such a long time and being on the road for so much of it would make it even more difficult. 1,000 yds would not seem far to then. The courses looked to have some tight turns although if Rockwood is anything like Twiggy that would not be a problem. Do hope that you will have a spell at home now and that your flue does not last too long. Everything does need attention at your time of the year.
        Will get back to you soon, thanks for your help,
        best wishes,

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