Deerhounds & Ear Mobility Nobility?

It seems fitting to return from a long hiatus from blogging with something cute and humorous.

I have lots of news, photos and stories to tell. But instead of starting at the beginning and moving forward I’ll just share these to break the ice. Scroll down to see another collage of photos which are an adult male dog demonstrating the ever-changing and expressiveness of his deerhound ears.

The lovely uncoordinated nature of deerhound ears in their many manifestations. Notice too, the difference in the faces; believe it or not this is all my dearest Piper, daughter of Cailean.

The lovely uncoordinated nature of deerhound ears in their many manifestations. Notice too the difference in the faces; believe it or not this is all my dearest Piper, daughter of Cailean.


Ardtalamcu's Mojave Man o' Fernhill.

Ardtalamcu’s Mojave Man o’ Fernhill.


Whelping puppies with Susan Trow of Caretta’s Deerhounds

Mont Tremblant, Quebec

The last two months have been a whirlwhind of activity for those in the deerhound community, for as with many species spring is a time of birth and renewal. This past year has been marked by the loss of so many loved and special deerhounds; it then seems to me to be that much more poignant to welcome into the world a new litter of puppies. So many hopes and loves about to unfold in the lives of those lucky enough to be part of their short lives. On Good Friday I climbed into my car and set off for my dear friend Susan Trow’s home just outside of  Mont Tremblant 130 kilometres (81 mi) north-west of Montreal. Mont Tremblant is a ski resort town in the beautiful Laurentian mountains of Quebec. I arrived well in advance of the great event (the delivery of Legacy’s puppies). I thought it would be best to settle in and have a good night’s sleep before the whelping began. Susan & I visited and talked and talked and refined preparations for the whelping. It was a surprise to us all when Sat. came and went without puppies;  Legacy had little sleep as she geared herself up for the birth.

This much anticipated breeding of  Susan’s fabulous courser  Ch Atzberg Legacy of Caretta FCh SC & Aus. Ch. Nelungaloo Shot at Fame a.k.a. “Ben”  (lives in Tarcutta Australia) joins in a global sharing of bloodlines, Australian, Austrian/ Scottish and Canadian. Legacy’s “legacy” may be a future dog of the best of all bloodlines- always the hope of breeders looking to the future of the breed.

The hopes for the birth of the puppies is all wrapped up in just hoping for Mom and puppies to make it through the delivery alive and well; all future dreams are shelved and put out of your mind. Sun morning saw Susan and Legacy groggily started the day with Legacy obviously uncomfortable but not yet ready. Thankfully I had slept wonderfully well in Susan’s bed and was excited and anxious for the whelping to begin. Finally at about 10 am Legacy got down to business, as with other puppy birth’s I’ve witnessed a first time Dam is apprehensive & looks to her people for reassurance. To say Legacy was shocked when a puppy was born is putting it mildly, finally after about the 3rd or 4th puppy the Mom begins to relax a little as instinct kicks in & she begins mothering in earnest. By the time all was said and done there were 5 boys and 2 girls Extremely cute and adorable as you would expect. Then the real work begins weeks and weeks of interrupted sleep, keeping Mom and babies clean, warm and comfortable; and dealing with crises small and large. Only time will tell if a new champion has been born, that seems not too important to Susan or I as we hold and caress a tiny little black bundle of joy.

So my newest adventure as M.Ex.( Midwoof Extraordinaire ) as Barb Heidenreich titled me has left me exhausted and happy, looking forward to home and my deerie Cailean.

And before you know it they’ve morphed from fat little sausages into the most beautiful endearing creatures in the world.

Scottish Deerhound Calendar 2011

Why do Dogs inspire so many Photographers to take such exceptional pictures?

The artistic efforts of Marie-Lise Robert are unique and capture the inimitable essence of the Scottish Deerhound.

I receive many inquiries about calendars featuring deerhounds.  Marie has compiled a selection of her best sighthound photos to create a calendar for 2011, visit the shop on her website if you  are interested.

You really should visit the Boutique de Manializa website to see her collection of sighthound photographs, graphic art and paintings. I am very partial to the black & white collection. Marie-Lise  has given me a couple of prints which she is allowing me to share with you.

Deerhound Houseguest

Ardtalamcu Mojave Man of Fernhill is visiting us for a week or so, Cailean loves having her “cousin” come for sleep overs, more fun for her. This shot is from our walk yesterday morning on the shore of Lake Ontario, the dogs absolutely love a run on the beach. The next shot is typical Cailean behaviour- snicker kisses when she’s very very happy, honestly she is being gentle.

Theatrical Deerhound

Action -Roll Camera

Cailean channeling Gandalf?

I was trying this sweater on Cailean unfortunately it was too small. Does anyone have a pattern for a deerhound or sighthound knitted sweater; must be simple enough for a nearly novice knitter?

The quality of this picture could have been better, luckily my brother had his cell phone camera to capture this moment.

A Deerhound Welcome

As many who arrive at Fernhill for a visit can attest, more often than not you will be ushered in by the long lean grey-bearded inhabitants.

Belated Greetings from Druimhaven

Well my deerie one’s it’s been a long time coming, I am sorry- life throws lemons and you’ve just got to make lemonade. We’ve been busy first Mexico then Kentucky and then Vermont intermingled with the demands of a working spouse (nasty old spring cleaning) and two twenty something sons. Then there is my rather large flower gardens just crying out for attention.. feed me weed me feed me weed me it just goes on and on… Let’s not forget the little queen in residence Cailean. Spring fever hit hard and this young deerhound of mine couldn’t get enough of the gorgeous spring weather & just thrived on her ever busy social calendar.

I am including a lovely shot of Cailean taken by my son Justin just before we left to go to the SDCA Specialty at Basin Harbor. I have a ton of photos to share and will grab a moment here and there trying to put them up for you.

J.Y. picture of Cailean