Dumbfounded Deerhound

Poor wee girl! Cailean is still stunned by an experience she had tonight.

We live on the edge of town and sometimes walk across the road to the residential neighborhood with a large park where I let Cailean run free.

It was after 10 pm, We were walking on the sidewalk when we were both surprised by a man on a bicycle zooming past us. This in itself isn’t unusual except for 2 things, one it was-10 degrees celsius & the other being the Golden Retriever on a leash running beside the cyclist.

I wish I had a video camera for that moment. Cailean moved off the sidewalk, over the median, off the curb and onto the pavement where she was rivetted in disbelief. I felt so sorry for her when the retriever looked over laughing and gaily trotted off. Cailean didn’t move until they were completely out of sight. I wish I knew someone that would take her out biking. Ah well, zooming after & being chased by her pals at the leash free park is less injurious in the long run I’m sure. Try to tell her that.