Be prepared, inform yourself questionaire

You’ve decided that a Scottish Deerhound is the dog for you, none else will do.

I believe that if you answer the following questions you will know whether you are making an informed choice or not.

Why have you chosen a Scottish Deerhound? What do you know about the Scottish Deerhound?

Have you owned a dog previously, if so what type? Are you looking for a male or female?

Are you looking for a pet or show dog? Do you have any other pets?

Do you have any children? Are you interested in breeding your dog?

How much time do you want to spend exercising your dog? Do you have a fenced yard?

How much time will your dog be left at home alone? Have you ever trained a puppy?

Are you interested in a 12-16 week old dog or a young adult?

These questions are among the least that a reputable deerhound breeder will want to ask of any prospective owner.  Know yourself and your limits and tolerances.

An athletic giant breed dog such as the scottish deerhound needs room & lots of it to play, exercise and just be. A deerhound should not ever be confined in a dog run or other such small space.  A sensitive and loving dog they will not take well to harsh treatment of any sort.  There is much written about the character and temperament of these gentle giants & I need not repeat it here; suffice it to say that while amiable in the extreme a deerhound may also be stubborn, willful and apparently deaf to an owners command. While adult deerhounds are large couch potatoes which may not even lift their head when you walk in the room; the boundless energy of a puppy up to about 2 years of age or more may be more than you bargained on.  To avoid your deerhound becoming shy or aloof, socialization is very important, take your deerie out and about- meet new people, walk on sidewalks, go to a park, walk into the vets say hello and leave again.  Taking a little time to make new experiences fun and positive for your puppy will reward you with a happy social outgoing ambassador for the breed.

Little Loves

Little Loves