A Deerhound Welcome

As many who arrive at Fernhill for a visit can attest, more often than not you will be ushered in by the long lean grey-bearded inhabitants.


Cailean and Mojo

We recently had a houseguest for a week, a tall handsome dude with a charming manner and sweet disposition. This handsome guy goes by the moniker of Fernhill’s Ardtalamcu Mojave Man.

Mojave (Mojo) was under a considerable amount of stress at home so we offered a respite for the poor blighter. He wasn’t eating, wasn’t sleeping, wailing all day long imagine our dismay!  It was even worse for Mama & Papa Deerie, two girls in heat Mojo crying like a baby & little sleep for the whole house. Maybe I exaggerate but not much! We hoped that Cailean would provide a sufficient distraction and we might be able to coax the guy (who was so love-sick he was wasting away) to start eating again.

Mission #1 Distraction- Success! The first night my son & I took the two dogs to a nearby school playground with a soccer field. It was drizzly and dark unfamiliar territory for Mojo. We decided to drop the leash and see what he would do. Well! Surprise he stood as still as a statue, with Cailean gambolling around in circles, snickering and prancing like a Lipizzaner stallion beside herself with joy to have a playmate.  Unable to galvanize Mojo into movement Cailean took matters into her own paws as it were, picked the leash up off the ground and started tugging on it, low and behold he moved. The next thing we know she’s got the leash firmly in her mouth and takes off running down the soccer field, she gets to the end & in trying to turn Mojie drops the leash. What did he do, he stopped and waited for her to pick it up and away they went again running towards us. One of those priceless moments you will never forget, that is just too funny, too amazing to be true and yet is. The rest of the week was quite nice, other than a little squeak now and then and lots and lots of cuddles for the slightly needy boy dog.  Apart from discovering that he didn’t mind carpeted stairs (so he could come upstairs and kiss me awake 7 hours promptly after going to bed) the most fun Mojo had was making a platonic girlfriend at the leash free park. A grey and black spotted Great Dane named Cookie. After a little cautious play Cookie quickly decided she liked Mojo and started grooming his face very tenderly.

Mission #2 Eating  -I can’t for sure claim total success with the food, we did manage to get him to eat about every 4 hours, although never in large quantities. Mojo had whole wheat bread with butter, Organic yogurt, cottage cheese,  Sardines, raw ground beef. Mostly raw chicken frames with veggie soup, egg yolks, fish oil and kibble. Ground beef cooked with rice, sweet potatoes and romaine lettuce. Cheese, cheese and cheese. All in all I think we got him over the worst part and took him home maybe slightly heavier.

Conclusion: Cailean and Mojo are like chalk and cheese although they really like each other Cailean is too much too much for Mojo, finding a companion for my busy Mis Biz will take some careful doing.

One morning I came down stairs to sun streaming in the window and Cailean & Mojo on Cailean’s favourite perch, part of a sectional sofa in our living room. Careful not to disturb the very cute picture they made I snuck off for the camera. I hurriedly snapped a bunch of photos none of which turned out too well with the way too bright light coming in the window. I include them here because while not very good they are cute; more especially since they are not pack mates and deerhounds don’t usually lay together as adults.

Fernhill’s Huntly d’lux sire of 2 litters 2009

Fernhill’s Huntly d’lux exemplifies the laid back easy going nature of Scottish Deerhounds; he has found a kindred spirit in Ed Shirley his workout and jogging partner. Handsome Huntly has handily sired two litters of puppies in the last year.   Huntly first acquitted himself admirably in July as sire to to Fernhill’s Vesper litter; some of who’s puppies appear in Puppy Pics page. Who could blame Ed & Cindy for falling for little purple girl Huntly’s daughter Bailiewick. The 2nd litter in December  was with Paula Pascoe’s bitch Ch. Lehigh Darkwynd Caragh 2008 Specialty Best of Breed Winner. See Christie Keith’s blog for photo of a very pregnant Caragh  http://www.petconnection.com/blog/2009/12/24/a-new-years-puppy-wish/

I am happy to share some recent pictures of Huntly with his son Fernhill’s Bayard & daughter Bailiewick. I get attached to all the puppies I house-sit with at Fernhill, this litter really stole my heart though. Bayard and Bailiewick have a way of melting onto your body as they get close for a cuddle that is especially endearing. Many thanks to Cindy Crysdale for sharing her photos.  For more spectacular pictures and a 2010 update on the happenings at Fernhill visit Barb & Richard at  http://www.fernhill.com/whatsnew.htm

Huntly D'lux handsome profile

Huntly & daughter Bailiewick

Ed Huntly Bayard and Bailiewick

Ed & Huntly goofing around

Its a Dog’s Life

Deerhound fixation

Puppies exploring

Fairies Welcome Here

The magic of autumn

Highland Bull at FernhillWhy is the bounty of September, that rush of natures glory so richly beautiful in colour and form? The vivid purple of the aster contrasting with the acid yellow of the goldenrod. Spend a week in the country you’ll wonder why anyone ever stays in cities. Spend a week on a farm with sheep, cows, a bunch of scottish deerhounds and puppies and for sure you’ll want to stay. Scenery that changes by the hour- colours intensifying while an errant wind flicks the leaves off some plants early. Walking amongst the sheep at Fernhill I loved feeling so alive as I picked pears and fed them to the very appreciative sheep. The cooler temperatures brought out the wilder side in the dogs. Play is a little more prolonged and a little wilder. A reminder to stop, enjoy and live fully in the moment is so well put by the Welsh poet W.H. Davies in his poem Leisure that follows. (Published in The Collected Poems William H. Davies 1921)


WHAT is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare?—

No time to stand beneath the boughs,
And stare as long as sheep and cows:My sheepy friends

No time to see, when woods we pass,
Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass:

No time to see, in broad daylight,
Streams full of stars, like skies at night:

No time to turn at Beauty’s glance,
And watch her feet, how they can dance:

No time to wait till her mouth can
Enrich that smile her eyes began?

A poor life this if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

Zoom zoom zoom!

My Video

This video isn’t really recent but as it is taken by my husband Len of a walk at Fernhill, I think it should be featured on my blog.


Fernhill’s Lyric

the ultimate gentle gazeLyric is the leader of the Fernhill Pack gentle, lovable and yet Lord of All under his command.

Grayscale of Lyric & MojoLyric & Mojo (Amazingly Mojo is larger and younger but still deferential to the older and wiser Patriarch of the Pack Lyric )