Nutro guilty until proven innocent

FDA’s Laura Alvey, deputy director of communications with FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine denies investigation into NUTRO Foods. Freelance journalist Lisa Wade McCormick a reporter for Consumer Affairs stands by her story that an anonymous FDA source confirmed an investigation exists. Consumer Affairs Editor in Chief James R. Hood said in an interview with Veterinary Information Network (VIN) that “where there’s smoke there’s fire” and they have received upwards of 640 consumer complaints about NUTRO pet food.  From web-site ‘

I will continue to follow this story to see if there is any substance to the claim by Consumer Affairs. Unfortunately I and many others are not going to give NUTRO another chance to cause illness in my pet.


NUTRO Foods under FDA investigation

This week the consumer watch dog (no pun intended) group Consumer Affairs. Com (CA) broke a story on NUTRO Products Inc., stating that the (FDA) confirmed to Consumer Affairs that there is a probe after denying (CA) access to complaints and lab test documents under the Freedom of Information Division.  (CA) has received hundreds of complaints nationwide from consumers who claim their dogs and cats have become ill after eating NUTRO.  NUTRO denies any investigation is underway. Meanwhile nervous pet owners are anxiously waiting to hear more.