Hickory Best in Show at Westminster 2011

It was with joy that we watched Ceil and Scott Dove’s beautiful Scottish Deerhound GCh. Foxcliffe’s Hickory Wind co-owned with Sally Sweatt win the Hound group. Very fitting I thought. Then the long wait for Best in Show.

Sitting all through the evening waiting for the finale to be decided was too suspenseful. While it is no surprise to those in the Scottish Deerhound community that Hickory Wind should win Best in Show (chosen by an Italian Judge Paolo Dondina)  it is a surprise to many people who haven’t yet made the acquaintance of a Scottish Deerhound. We will all be sorry to see Hickory retire but anticipate joyfully her participation as a veteran where competing Senior Deerhounds are given standing ovations by one and all.

A dog show -even the prestigious Westminster  Kennel Club is not the best place to appreciate this most beautiful of dogs. This dog will only really take your breath away when you see it race with grace and joy across a field or know the special bond  generally life long formed between Scottish Deerhounds and their human companions.  A dog not for small or lonely places- an ever social dog requiring close interaction with his owner.

In Africa I never had dogs of any other breed than the Scotch Deerhound. There is no more noble or gracious kind of dog. They must have lived for many centuries with men to understand and fall in with our life and its conditions the way they do.   Karen Blixen a.k.a. Isaak Dinesen (Out of Africa)

Westminster Kennel Club Website  http://www.westminsterkennelclub.org/2011/results/bis/index.html

Ch. Foxcliffe's Hickory Wind


Hickory Wind with her handler Angela Lloyd at Basin Harbor Vermont


Scottish Deerhound Celebrities

This years Scottish Deerhound National Specialty at Basin Harbor was a fabulous opportunity to see some truly outstanding deerhounds.

Among those in attendance were: Best of Breed: Ch Foxcliffe Hickory Wind, Best of Winners/Best Bred By Exhibitor/Winner’s Bitch: Dhu Mohr Prilly’s Quintessence, Best Opposite Sex/Best Veteran: Ch Gayleward’s Tiger Woods,  Winner’s Dog: Lehigh Damon of Greymorn, Reserve Winner’s Dog: Dhu Mohr Pennant’s Quilleran, Reserve Winner’s Bitch: Foxcliffe Enchanted Evening, Futurity Stud Dog: Fernhill’s Huntly d’lux, Veteran’s Field and Non-Regular Stud Dog: Ch Briarwood’s Obsidian of Vale Vue, Brood Bitch: Ch Dhu Mohr Miaruatg, Best Veteran Bitch: Ch Glassonby’s Desert Rose, Veteran 7-9 Ch Caretta’s Mandolin JC Winner, LGRA AKC Coursing: Anaituil Rockwood Range, Best of Breed: ASFA Coursing: Atzberg Legacy of Caretta JC.

Not being professional photographers we don’t have pictures of every dog, I hope you will enjoy these shots though.

Foxcliffe's Hickory Wind presented by Angela Lloyd bred & owned by Ceil & Scott Dove

Dhu Mohr Prilly's Quintessence

Gayleward's Tiger Wood's

Lehigh Damon of Greymorn owner handled by John Dilberger

Dhu Mohr Pennant's Quilleran owner Sheila Matheson

Fernhill's Huntly d'lux owner handled by Ed Shirley, co-owned Barb Heidenreich

Caretta's Mandolin shown by Alistair Sutherland

Anaitiuil Rockwood Range owner handled by Susan Trow

Basin Harbor Club

We’re Here!

We’re staying in Pinecrest Cottage with a spectacular view of Lake Champlain. Our cottage mates are Barb Heidenreich and Nancy Logan along with- Fernhill’s Vesper, Elegy, Zephyr, Mojo, Bayard and Cailean. A lovely 2 bedroom cottage equipped with all of the essentials, comfy beds, a refrigerator, a coffee maker and sufficient hot water for much needed showers. The dogs were packed like sardines in the front room as we all know puppies have a penchant for shoe chewing & musn’t be trusted for even 5 minutes alone; as we found out to our sorrow in Kentucky when Uncle Ed lost a pair of sneakers and here in Vermont when Uncle Len lost the heel out of a pair of leather brogues. Nancy Logan a long time deerhound owner left her senior dh at home and accompanied Barb H as a travelling companion and room-mate. We had lovely chats in the cottage and shared doggie walk duties. It is too bad that the whole show experience seldom leaves free time for the dogs to play off-leash or run freely. Lure coursing is a welcome release for the dogs and owners alike. I take time each day to find somewhere to throw a ball or toss a stick for our busy girl Cailean. At the Basin Harbor Club the grassy airplane runway was one such place, fortunately Cailean is used to playing with me & capitalizing on whatever space we might find to burn off some energy.

Nose to tail deerhounds

Fortunately tired dogs aren’t too fussy about who sleeps where.

Home away from Home

Nancy, Barb, Cindy & Ed

One of the most fabulous parts of the Specialty being at Basin Harbor is being able to walk from your cabin to the main dining room. Starting the day off with a buffet breakfast prepared by someone other than me is my idea of a great start to the day. Ed Shirley and Cindy Crysdale (proud owners of Fernhill’s Huntly d’lux and Fernhill’s Bailiewick) were in the cottage beside us & as a fellow golfer Ed & hubby Len made good use of the beautiful golf course at Basin Harbor. These two guys can turn a staid dinner table into a raucous celebration and managed to egg each other on so that most meals descended quickly into hilarity.

Ed & Len

Louisville Midwest Regional Specialty

In honour of my Irish great grandmother Annie McDermid Happy St. Patrick’s Day
May the sun shine, all day long,
everything go right, and nothing wrong.
May those you love bring love back to you,
and may all the wishes you wish come true!

My friends I’m off to Louisville tomorrow with Susan Trow, Cailean (not showing) & Pixie (showing)! We’re all very excited about our first specialty of the season. Cailean goes mad with joy when she sees other deerhounds, so I know I will be spending a great deal of time making sure she is exercised enough to minimize her potential to be hyper. We will be meeting Ed Shirley with Huntly d’Lux and Barb Heidenreich with Fernhill’s Bayard on Friday. It will be lovely to see other familiar faces and hounds too.

I am  running around like a mad woman trying to leave food for my family,  pack light & not forget essentials like Rubber boots in case it floods (there is a flood watch for parts of Ohio and Kentucky) It looks like we will have a couple of beautiful spring days. I’ve been housecleaning in a sleeveless top today!

Cailean is all bathed and beautiful, now I just need to keep her that way for a little while.

Say Hello if you see us in Kentucky.

Me(Barb) and Fernhill's Cailean Adair of Druimhaven

Midwest Regional Specialty

Louisville’s Churchill Downs is Famous as the home of the Kentucky Derby. Did you know that on their website you can get to know the contenders for the upcoming Derby. I’m liking “Lookin at Lucky” http://www.kentuckyderby.com/contenders  There are prints available to order by the very talented Lina Le Kinff

Official Kentucky Derby Limited Edition Print

Louisville is also home to the Midwest Regional Specialty (Deerhound) Saturday, March 20, 2010 Louisville, KY.

This event will be held in conjunction with the Evansville Kennel Club. If you are new to the Scottish Deerhound Breed Fancy or considering a Scottish Deerhound for your next pet, it would be well worth your while to make it a priority to attend one of the Deerhound Specialties. Details to be found on the SDCA web site.

The best part of going to a specialty; besides seeing quite a few wonderful deerhounds, browsing through the vendors booths for the latest and coolest dog mercantile is surely the chance to meet breeders and owners; & if you are lucky you’ll have friends there who will help you to learn to recognize the merits of the dogs being shown.

It takes time and effort to develop the skills to see the strengths and weaknesses in a given dogs conformation. I have been very fortunate to have had the guidance of my dog’s breeder.  Who better to learn from than the breeder of your dog or a knowledgeable friend you have made lure coursing? If you are eager to learn, in most cases your dogs breeder will be more than happy to help you.  Honestly the entire breed benefits from Deerhound owners who can recognize a dog who is unable to conform to the standard and therefore ought not to be the sire or dam of their next Deerhound.  You really ought to try to attend, beyond an opportunity to expand your knowledge of Scottish Deerhounds it is a very special experience when you meet some deerhounds who have such a powerful presence you can feel it and see it. Besides, its fun to meet like minded people; for some reason deerhound people are pretty special too! You will also find that the more deerhounds you see the more you will develop your own preferences.

There are many wonderful people active in the deerhound breed, you really shouldn’t miss a chance to get to know some of them. There is a mind-boggling wealth of knowledge and fascinating stories about famous deerhounds and their breeders in the minds of many of the current veterans of the ring. For the breed to thrive there needs to be an influx of enthusiastic young breeder/owners ready to assume the mantle of leadership as the old guard become less active as breeders. Breeding is an onerous job, not for the faint of heart, but Oh! so rewarding!

Conformation showing is serious business and many owner handlers will be too focused on the task at hand to socialize much away from the hotel; there will be plenty of friendly people gathered around the deerhound ring though.

This specialty will be an exciting one if last year was any indication; there are so many really gorgeous dogs out there. See you in Louisville!!

Westminster KC Show Hound Group Results

Great Results for Sighthound Lovers, a Whippet, a Greyhound and a Deerhound.

JUDGE: Mr. W. Everett Dean, Jr.

1st Ch. Starline’s Chanel – Whippet

Breeder /Owner: Lori Lawrence, Carey Lawrence and Dianne Bowen     http://www.starlinewhippets.com/

Best in Group Starline’s Chanel

2nd  Ch. Grandcru Clos Erasmus – Greyhound

Breeder: Melanie Steele, Rindi Gaudet & Clint Livingston

Owner Rindi Gaudet & Melanie Steele         http://www.grandcrukennel.com/

Ch. Grandcru Clos Erasmus

Ch. Foxcliffe Hickory Wind

3rd Ch. Foxcliffe Hickory Wind- Scottish Deerhound

Breeder Cecilia L. Dove & Dr. R Scott Dove

Owner: Sally Sweatt & Cecilia L. Dove & Dr. R Scott Dove

Rokeena Carte Blanche

4th Ch. Rokeena Carte Blanche – Petits Bassets Griffons Vendeen

Breeder: R. J. Wallis

Owner:  J. Herrera, Y. Herrera, C. Herrera & R. & R. Wallis  http://www.rokeena.com/Team_Rokeena.htm

WKC Westminster Kennel Club Show 2010

The 134th Westminster Dog Show will take place Feb 15th & 16th at Madison Square Gardens

I don’t know about you, but I mark my calendar every year for this event.

The Scottish Deerhound was first entered at Westminster in 1877, and has won the group 3 times-  Group 2nd once and Group 3rd once.

Hound Group Winners:

  • 1991 Ch Fernhill’s Phantom CD Bred by Barbara Heidenreich (Owned by Miranda Levin & Barbara Heidenreich),
  • 2006 Ch Thistleglen Margot Breeder- Jeanne Fry (Jeanne Fry & Pennyworth Knl) Sire: Ch Thistleglen Leeds Dam: Ch Fernhill’s Thistleglen Tenille
  • 2009 Ch Gayleward’s Tiger Woods Bred & owned by Gayle Bontecou),  Sire: Ch Chartwell Silver Run Vale Vu SC Dam: Ch Gayleward’s Sullivan

(I wonder if anyone knows if there are photos from some of the earliest events)

The Hound Group will be judged on Monday- the group Monday evening. BIS Tuesday. Entries closed Dec. 5-09. There are 5 Scottish Deerhounds entered.  Dr. Richard Meen, Toronto, Ontario, Canada will be the Judge for: Basenjis, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Salukis, Scottish Deerhounds, Whippets.  Mr. W. Everett Dean, Jr. of Richmond,VA will be the hound group Judge.

It is hard to say why this event is so thrilling, it isn’t a deerhound specialty after all; it is simply marvelous to see some amazingly beautiful representatives of their various breeds. Set aside all the controversy whirling around the breeding/ in-breeding and welfare of the breed and hope (as I do) optimistically that those who really love these canines will prevail and work towards a goal that will have the animals welfare uppermost. I hope if you’ve never watched before you’ll give it a try this year.  For more information go to:   Westminster Kennel Club