About and Making Contact

My name is Barbara Yaroski, I live in southern Ontario Canada, I am currently the owner of the Scottish Deerhound Fernhill’s Cailean Adair O’Druimhaven.  I grew up with a dog always a treasured part of the family. My husband owned a deerhound (Justin Brodie of Auldstane- brother to Am. Ch. Joie de Vivre of Auldstane)when I met him.  I am passionate about Scottish Deerhounds the breed and their history. My own ancestry is largely Scottish which I am sure doesn’t account for my affinity for this breed, they just answer something deep within that anyone who owns or has owned a Scottish Deerhound can relate to. 

” in the eyes of a good deerhound you see the history of Scotland

related by a fellow deerhound owner & her experience talking with the breeder of her first deerhound.

Grateful Acknowlegement

The creation of this blog was inspired & would not be possible without the steadfast encouragement of my husband Len and my friends Barbara Heidenreich and Richard Hawkins. Barb & Richard are deerhound breeders with 40 years experience & a wealth of knowledge they are happy to share. Barb & Richard’s kennel is  Fernhill, they may be contacted at their website Fernhill.com. If you would like a glimpse into the lives and deerhound loves of this remarkable place you will not want to miss visiting their website.  The publication “Your Scottish Deerhound Primer” (Primer) written by Barbara Heidenreich is an invaluable source of information for new, prospective and even experienced deerhound owners. The Primer will be used here with the kind permission of B. Heidenreich and may be ordered for a nominal fee from the Fernhill website.

I could not conceive of writing this blog without also referring you to the venerable Scottish Deerhound organizations:

The Scottish Deerhound Club of America -http://www.deerhound.org/index.shtml

Deerhound L discussion list with archives available to members covering wide array of topics from conformation eventing to health and social issues pertaining to deerhounds – Invaluable tool for deerhound owners.  – http://www.deerhound.org/resource.shtml#dhl

I will draw extensively from the experience & wisdom of those that came before me and as time allows will post links to breeders and articles on subjects relating to deerhounds and dogs in general.

If you would like to contact me I will receive an email if you fill in the box below.


One Response to “About and Making Contact”

  1. jormap Says:

    Hello! I recently started my own blog about Lure-Coursing and Irish Wolfhounds: however, it seems that I’ll be talking something about Scottish Deerhounds also, as they are somewhat similar in lure-coursing as Irish Wolfhounds.

    Anyhow, I read your most recent post with the Anesthetics of Sighthounds and thought that I must link to your blog. Would it be reasonable to ask for an exchange of urls?


    is where my thoughts reside.


    Jorma Pesonen

    PS. Some sort of contact info might be usefull to enter into the blog… or then I’m just blind as a bat… 😛

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